No nuts for us!

no peanuts

Earlier in the week my son had an allergist appointment.  This has been long overdue since we had realized in February that there may be an allergy to peanuts.  I saw spots on his face that I believe were hives.  I was able to bring him to the allergist at the beginning of March and get skin tested.  Skin test came back negative and blood work also came back negative.  Next on the list, was the food challenge.  I had made the appointment for the end of March.  However, that wasn’t able to happen because of an allergic reaction / adverse reaction to some antibiotics (that’s possibly a story for another day). 

Anyway, today was the allergist appointment that I had to make because the pediatrician insisted the antibiotics weren’t declared an allergy / avoidance until the allergist agreed.  The allergist then asked, if I wanted to do the peanut food challenge since he had the time for it. 

Great!  We need to get that potential allergy figured out as well.  I quickly was told the process and the nurse scurried out of the room and reappeared with a ¼ of a teaspoon of peanut butter in a wrap (that I provided).  She told me to just come let her know when he finished the whole thing… He looked extraordinarily interested so I told her to just hold on a second and then he scarfed down the little peanut butter wrap… and the clock began!

15 minutes later there was no reaction and it was time to attempt ½ a teaspoon of peanut butter.  The nurse put it in the same type of wrap as the first bit.  This time… he wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it.  He started screaming at the top of his lungs and tried throwing it anywhere he could.  The nurse suggested on a cracker.  I told her I was willing to try but I wasn’t so sure he would take it.  He screamed even LOUDER.  Our next effort was just to have the ½ teaspoon of peanut butter on a spoon.  At this point, I was hesitant that he would accept it.  However, he ate a lighter breakfast and this was his morning snack… So, we attempted a 3rd way to get him interested in the peanut butter.  Once he started screaming at the top of his lungs again (at this point it was about 30 minutes of his hysterical crying and screaming) I asked the nurse to see what the doctor suggested we do.  I am not a fan of force feeding someone and I especially wanted to figure out a different way after the doctor told me that sometimes refusal of eating a food is a sign of a food allergy to that food. 

I couldn’t even consider to force feed the poor boy after so many tears and hysteria… we still had to get 1 and ½ teaspoons of peanut butter into him for the test to be valid.  The allergist told me that it’s quite normal for a child to refuse food during a food challenge.  He wanted to stop the test, we have to continue complete avoidance of peanuts (and tree nuts), and he’d see us back in 6 months when hopefully my son would be interested in eating the 1 and ¾ teaspoons of peanut butter.  In the meantime, my husband and I get to decide if during the next peanut butter food challenge if we’ll force feed it to him if necessary…

If I didn’t honestly think he had a peanut butter allergy I wouldn’t do all of this.  However, I am almost positive that he had hives when I first introduced peanut butter to him 4 months ago. 

I guess at this point we just have to wait and see. 


Midnight Picking

For the last year my husband has played a game with our son, “wake Daddy/Mommy up”.  My husband taught him to tap us on our shoulder or head or just climb on top of us to get our attention… This game finally backfired on Daddy during our overnight to Jim Thorpe

Our son was having trouble sleeping in his pack-n-play and we decided to ::gasp:: let him sleep in bed with us so that we could all get some sleep… well, Daddy fell asleep but Mommy and son were being too entertained to calm down and fall asleep.  Once we heard Daddy snoring on the other side of the bed with his back turned toward us Baby decided it was time to play “wake Daddy!”…

He tried everything from kicking, giggling, to even picking blueberries off Daddy’s back (pretend of course; it’s a game he plays with bowls and any container he can get his hands on).  I was pretending to be asleep and really trying to fall asleep but I finally lost it and burst into laughter when he decided to play “where’s your nose” with me while I had my eyes shut. 

It woke Daddy up and I apologized and told him to just go back to bed…

We ended up enduring the cries and whimpers for a few minutes and we finally all got some sleep.  Our son got about half the sleep he needed to function like his cute adorable self… lesson learned for not letting him sleep in bed with us!

Where is the troubadour?!?

Years ago we found a little town, Jim Thorpe, at the very beginning of the Poconos that we fell in love with.  We have taken overnight trips and day trips there throughout the years.  We even took a day trip there on our anniversary two years ago.  We knew once our son arrived that we wanted to bring him to Jim Thorpe to experience the town together as a family and enjoy a night or two together there.  Last summer, that just was not able to be in the summer travel plans.  This year we decided to make it our Father’s Day plans. 

We drove up Saturday morning.  Upon arriving we quickly realized that it was not the same town that we had fallen in love with… the stores were different, the locals seemed less friendly, and it was sort of shocking.  We had just been there two years ago.  Where is the troubadour?!?!


Yes, there was actually a troubadour playing outside our hotel on the street three years ago…

My husband and I were quite disappointed with the feel and personality of the town.  However, this was Father’s Day weekend and we had our son with us, so we still wanted to enjoy our time together.  After a quick walk around town; since most of the stores that we would enjoy strolling in and out of were gone and replaced with stores that were of no interest to us…

 jim thorpe train

We decided to take the train ride as a family.  The first half of the ride was great; our son had the focus and interest…. We quickly learned that he maxes out with about 45 minutes on a train, after that he gets fussy and wants to do something else.  He is only 16 months so I am actually surprised he lasts 45 minutes without getting tired of it.

Overnight was entertaining and exhausting, but that is for another blog post!

The next day, actual Father’s Day, we all woke up and our son gave Daddy his gifts.  Breakfast and packing up quickly came… and then it was time to get out of town!  We were home in time for the MUCH needed nap for our son…

It was a nice weekend spending quality time together; however, we are now in need of finding a new place to explore with our son that is within 1.5 or 2 hours from our home. 

We’re Going Picking


I have heard about a local orchard that has a story time and then picking the fresh fruit.  This past week baby and I decided to go.  The story time was in a barn with little benches for the little ones to sit and listen to the story.  This week was strawberries and our son absolutely loves strawberries so it was a great way to introduce him to the orchard and picking fruit.  My husband happened to take the same day off to get some stuff done at the house so he skipped the story time and met us over in the strawberry field.  Our son was not a fan at first until he realized that we were picking fresh strawberries and he could just reach right into the little basket and devour them.  I think from start to finish he ate about five or six strawberries until I had to cut him off.  He ended up eating a few with the leaves on them and all.  Oh well… It was a great little family outing to the local orchard.  I am really glad my husband could make it over to the strawberry field to help us pick our batch.

Baby Wears the Pants


I have been a stay-at-home mama for eight of the sixteen months my son has been here.  I worked when I could but took the time off that was needed for me personally right after he was born and had to take a couple months off recently when he got sick (he’s all better now).  During the time that I have been home with baby, he has definitely been wearing the pants in the relationship.  At the very least, his schedule has been.  When I’m home with him day in and day out I try to keep to his strict schedule. He is a happy baby and rarely is exhausted and has tantrums.  Now that we’re getting into the toddler years I’m sure there will be more testing me and more tantrums letting me know when he is unhappy.  However, sticking to his tight schedule as much as possible helps him be a happy baby and helps me be a happy mama. 

We are planning on going on a couple/few overnight trips this summer and our son is getting too big for his crib.  Yesterday was the decided day to see how he would nap on an air mattress for the first time… least to say; he did not nap.  I ended up taking a long drive to a local park to let him pass out in the car if needed.  Even though he napped for a whole 30 minutes (when his naps are usually 90+ minutes) he was still a grumpy and exhausted tired boy the rest of the day.  Yesterday I was reminded why it is so important to let baby wear the pants and stick to his schedule when at all possible.


First blog post

I am a mama of a one-year-old son.  With the craziness of being a new mom and trying to not lose myself as only “mama” I want to start writing again.  I used to journal all the time, I used to blog often (many years ago), and I used to enjoy taking walks with my camera and taking photographs.  Somehow, I have let myself get a little lost and really only be “mama”.  I need to find a piece of myself again.

I am hoping this blog will be a place that I can share experiences that I have with my son and also allow this to be a place that I can write and share a piece of myself.  I plan on posting about every day milestones as well as fun trips to different places both near and far.  I am not sure what my blogging schedule will be yet but I hope to write at least once a week and at least 100 words.  My husband, who is an avid blogger that writes at least 400 words a day EVERY SINGLE DAY, suggested the parameters that I will begin with.