First blog post

I am a mama of a one-year-old son.  With the craziness of being a new mom and trying to not lose myself as only “mama” I want to start writing again.  I used to journal all the time, I used to blog often (many years ago), and I used to enjoy taking walks with my camera and taking photographs.  Somehow, I have let myself get a little lost and really only be “mama”.  I need to find a piece of myself again.

I am hoping this blog will be a place that I can share experiences that I have with my son and also allow this to be a place that I can write and share a piece of myself.  I plan on posting about every day milestones as well as fun trips to different places both near and far.  I am not sure what my blogging schedule will be yet but I hope to write at least once a week and at least 100 words.  My husband, who is an avid blogger that writes at least 400 words a day EVERY SINGLE DAY, suggested the parameters that I will begin with.


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