Baby Wears the Pants


I have been a stay-at-home mama for eight of the sixteen months my son has been here.  I worked when I could but took the time off that was needed for me personally right after he was born and had to take a couple months off recently when he got sick (he’s all better now).  During the time that I have been home with baby, he has definitely been wearing the pants in the relationship.  At the very least, his schedule has been.  When I’m home with him day in and day out I try to keep to his strict schedule. He is a happy baby and rarely is exhausted and has tantrums.  Now that we’re getting into the toddler years I’m sure there will be more testing me and more tantrums letting me know when he is unhappy.  However, sticking to his tight schedule as much as possible helps him be a happy baby and helps me be a happy mama. 

We are planning on going on a couple/few overnight trips this summer and our son is getting too big for his crib.  Yesterday was the decided day to see how he would nap on an air mattress for the first time… least to say; he did not nap.  I ended up taking a long drive to a local park to let him pass out in the car if needed.  Even though he napped for a whole 30 minutes (when his naps are usually 90+ minutes) he was still a grumpy and exhausted tired boy the rest of the day.  Yesterday I was reminded why it is so important to let baby wear the pants and stick to his schedule when at all possible.



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