We’re Going Picking


I have heard about a local orchard that has a story time and then picking the fresh fruit.  This past week baby and I decided to go.  The story time was in a barn with little benches for the little ones to sit and listen to the story.  This week was strawberries and our son absolutely loves strawberries so it was a great way to introduce him to the orchard and picking fruit.  My husband happened to take the same day off to get some stuff done at the house so he skipped the story time and met us over in the strawberry field.  Our son was not a fan at first until he realized that we were picking fresh strawberries and he could just reach right into the little basket and devour them.  I think from start to finish he ate about five or six strawberries until I had to cut him off.  He ended up eating a few with the leaves on them and all.  Oh well… It was a great little family outing to the local orchard.  I am really glad my husband could make it over to the strawberry field to help us pick our batch.


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