Where is the troubadour?!?

Years ago we found a little town, Jim Thorpe, at the very beginning of the Poconos that we fell in love with.  We have taken overnight trips and day trips there throughout the years.  We even took a day trip there on our anniversary two years ago.  We knew once our son arrived that we wanted to bring him to Jim Thorpe to experience the town together as a family and enjoy a night or two together there.  Last summer, that just was not able to be in the summer travel plans.  This year we decided to make it our Father’s Day plans. 

We drove up Saturday morning.  Upon arriving we quickly realized that it was not the same town that we had fallen in love with… the stores were different, the locals seemed less friendly, and it was sort of shocking.  We had just been there two years ago.  Where is the troubadour?!?!


Yes, there was actually a troubadour playing outside our hotel on the street three years ago…

My husband and I were quite disappointed with the feel and personality of the town.  However, this was Father’s Day weekend and we had our son with us, so we still wanted to enjoy our time together.  After a quick walk around town; since most of the stores that we would enjoy strolling in and out of were gone and replaced with stores that were of no interest to us…

 jim thorpe train

We decided to take the train ride as a family.  The first half of the ride was great; our son had the focus and interest…. We quickly learned that he maxes out with about 45 minutes on a train, after that he gets fussy and wants to do something else.  He is only 16 months so I am actually surprised he lasts 45 minutes without getting tired of it.

Overnight was entertaining and exhausting, but that is for another blog post!

The next day, actual Father’s Day, we all woke up and our son gave Daddy his gifts.  Breakfast and packing up quickly came… and then it was time to get out of town!  We were home in time for the MUCH needed nap for our son…

It was a nice weekend spending quality time together; however, we are now in need of finding a new place to explore with our son that is within 1.5 or 2 hours from our home. 


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