Midnight Picking

For the last year my husband has played a game with our son, “wake Daddy/Mommy up”.  My husband taught him to tap us on our shoulder or head or just climb on top of us to get our attention… This game finally backfired on Daddy during our overnight to Jim Thorpe

Our son was having trouble sleeping in his pack-n-play and we decided to ::gasp:: let him sleep in bed with us so that we could all get some sleep… well, Daddy fell asleep but Mommy and son were being too entertained to calm down and fall asleep.  Once we heard Daddy snoring on the other side of the bed with his back turned toward us Baby decided it was time to play “wake Daddy!”…

He tried everything from kicking, giggling, to even picking blueberries off Daddy’s back (pretend of course; it’s a game he plays with bowls and any container he can get his hands on).  I was pretending to be asleep and really trying to fall asleep but I finally lost it and burst into laughter when he decided to play “where’s your nose” with me while I had my eyes shut. 

It woke Daddy up and I apologized and told him to just go back to bed…

We ended up enduring the cries and whimpers for a few minutes and we finally all got some sleep.  Our son got about half the sleep he needed to function like his cute adorable self… lesson learned for not letting him sleep in bed with us!


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