Ouch! Biting hurts!


Last week was incredibly busy.  Unfortunately, our son was victim of a couple fellow one-year-olds teeth.  In the last few weeks we have been sending him to “camp” to be able to get back to a normal routine and get him back to socializing with friends.  In the last three weeks he has been bitten three times.  Last week, he got bitten two days in a row!

Least to say, my husband and I were not happy when I had to get those phone calls.  The director and owner both were trying to convince me and my husband that a few minutes after the bite he is over it and he is ok.  Well, that is fine that he is putting on his brave face at school.  However, at home, he has inconsolable tantrums on the days that he has gotten hurt at school.  The director and owner think that he may be having tantrums because he is the age of revving up for the “terrible two’s” and it is something we will have to get used to.  Umm… in this case they are terribly wrong.  I can tell when it is a glance into the “terrible two’s” type of tantrum and when it is a tantrum that he is angry that he got injured at school.  For one, during the recent inconsolable tantrums through his tears and not completely English words I hear “ouch” and “ouchy”.  My son is trying to tell me that he got hurt at “camp”!

The daycare is doing everything that they can think of as a center and reaching out to the corporate company for help to stop the biters from biting their classmates as much as possible.  At some point this coming week there will be a specialist coming in to observe and take data to help figure out what is causing these children to their biting.

Until they get the specialist in and a plan figured out I sit with my cell phone on full volume hoping to NOT get a call from the daycare! 

**Note: our son is not the only child getting bitten in the classroom**



Plus 1 (temporarily)…


It is time to get moving on getting HVAC in our new home.  We have been living here for 8 months now and knew that we want/need HVAC… We have baseboard heaters throughout the house and we have a boiler and a VERY undersized AC unit.  It has been extraordinarily hot and humid this summer.  Apparently, our AC unit is so undersized and trying it’s hardest to keep up with the heat in the house.  One second the AC was blowing away; the next second it just COMPLETELY stopped working.  I called my husband in a panic!  It is bad enough to not have AC but to not have AC when we have a young toddler that overheats really easily.  We needed to get it fixed ASAP!

When buying the house, we paid a little extra and got the home warranty.  My husband had to call the home warranty people to get a service guy out here.  It took 5 hours from the time I originally stopped feeling the AC until the AC was blowing through the house again.  Of course it was one of the hottest days of the week! A wire got jostled loose from the AC blower in our unfinished room/attic access room…

We do not want that happening again… it is time to have my husband’s brother-in-law come spend several weekends with us and get HVAC done in the house!  It is going to be an interesting project for our son to watch his uncle working to help make our house better.  I am sure my son and his uncle are going to enjoy the extra time together.  However, I will be happy for it to be done so that we can get rid of the really noisy boiler in the basement and have 2 separate HVAC units (one for each floor of the house) the correct size working to help keep our house cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

Brush, brush, brush your teeth

tooth illustration

Brush, brush, brush your teeth.  Brush your teeth together…

Suddenly, last night as my husband placed my son on the bathroom counter my son decided it was time for him to try to brush his teeth all by himself.  He did a pretty decent job considering it was the first time he EVER did it independently.  After he attempted and knew it was not the best job he let Daddy help him finish up.  This morning when it was time to brush his teeth he, again, insisted and was so proud of himself for wanting to brush his teeth and his attempt.  Granted, Mama and Daddy have to go back and help to make sure that all 14 teeth are sparkling!

Taking a quick dunk

boy swimming

Today we decided to pack up for the day and visit Grandmom and Granddad for the day.  It is really hot out and Grandmom and Granddad have a pool.  The last time we visited (several weeks ago) our intention was to go in the pool after naptime; however, that did not happen.  This time, my plan was to get there early and to get in the pool before lunchtime.  Granddad and Daddy do not usually go in the pool, so they watched from the side.  Grandmom walked right in…

I got my son into the inner tube and passed him off to Grandmom for a minute while I walked in and had to dive in.  My son took a few minutes to warm up to the idea of being in the pool.  We all had fun for a few minutes and then he made it very clear that he was DONE with the pool for the day.  Luckily, Grandmom had planned for this and had brought down some toys and a tub.  My son spent a little time playing with the buckets and toys until he was just completely over being in a bathing suit by the pool.  He was ready to get dry and get back into the house. 

Oh well… we tried… I was such a water baby when I was little.  I was hoping he would be too… Yet another way that he takes after Daddy… he likes land and not water…


Bye Bye Bunnie

bye bye

My son has been able to wave and say bye for months now.  He does not always want to wave goodbye or say it but when he chooses to it is completely adorable!  Recently, in the morning as I am grabbing him out of the crib I tell him to drop Bunnie (his lovie that has a pacifier attached to it) and that he will see Bunnie later (he only gets to see Bunnie with the pacifier during nap and bedtime at this point).  He drops Bunnie into the crib and waves goodbye as he is saying “bye bye”.  In his little toddler voice, it is just adorable! 


Highchair, bye chair

booster seat

Same chair, different colors… ours isn’t multicolored like this.


Our son is showing more and more signs of being a big boy.  A week ago we finally decided to go and pick up a booster chair for the kitchen.  The high chair is still there.  However, we have not used it since picking up the booster chair.  He is doing absolutely great using the booster chair.  He was getting a bit too big for the high chair.  His head was well over the top and he was wanting a little more independence and getting annoyed with the tray on the high chair.  Now he is sitting at the head of the table with his own placemats and doing an excellent job using the booster chair. 

We will be keeping him in a high chair in restaurants for a bit more time.  The restaurant booster seats give him a bit TOO much freedom… and I do not want him ending up on the floor.

Losing our cool

90 degrees

Imagine it…

It is 90 something degrees outside… it is after nap time and afternoon snack and it is time to venture out and get a few errands run…

I have gotten my son’s diaper bag, extra bag of stuff to drop off, his shoes on, his small Mickey Mouse in his hands, him in the car and buckled into the rear facing car seat, car on, and garage door button pressed… It goes about half way up and comes to a COMPLETE stop!

At first, I assume that the garage door is broken.  It is 20+ years old and getting both garage doors replaced soon because the other door is actually bent and broken.  I then quickly run back inside to see if it is the garage or the power.  There is no A/C and the lights are not turning on!

I have to get my son and everything else back into the house…

We never lose power so I am at a loss… I start calling and texting my husband begging for help and suggestions of how to deal with all of this as quick as possible… I venture in the dark basement to find the circuit breaker box to make sure it is not simply a blown fuse… nope.

My next thought goes to getting the car out of the garage.  With no power I know it is important to get the car out so that I can feed my son by 6:00pm. 

I finally get my husband on the phone.  He quickly walks me through unclipping the garage door from the motor so I can manually pull it up and get the car out of the garage.  Luckily, we bought a ladder and have it in the garage.  I am terrified of heights but need to climb the ladder to unclip the garage door from the motor…

Up the ladder I go as my son is safely inside the house screaming because he is confused of what is going on and why Mama has ditched him… It takes MUCH longer than necessary but I was finally able to get the clip off and the door disconnected.  Next was to get the garage door lifted up higher than I can reach and to stay still long enough for me to get in the car and pull it out of the garage… I attempted myself two or three times, I attempted with a big broom two times, and finally gave up. 

On the phone with my husband, trying to figure out how I was going to get the car out of the garage where the garage door would not stay open long enough!  He finally suggested that I go next door and ask our next door neighbor… Oh yeah!  We have nice and friendly neighbors that always offer their help if we need anything. 

Grab son, head through the overgrown path to our neighbor’s house and find him outside… He agrees to come over and see what he can do… He quickly and easily gets the garage door open but also cannot figure out how to get it to stay open… I end up just throwing my son inside yet again, hopping in the car, and with my neighbor holding the door open pull the car out of the garage…

Yeah, that was my afternoon.  We ended up going out, running one of the many errands, and meeting Daddy for dinner… I am exhausted!

Help is on the way!


My husband and I decided when we bought our home that we would get some help around the house.  We had been overwhelmed with other things going on to really focus on it.  However, recently we started our hunt.  We needed to find someone to help watch our son and we needed to find someone to help clean around the house.  This past week we finally found our help!  It is going to be awesome being able to get the much needed help around here.  Our home is about 3100 sq. ft. which is a bit overwhelming for me to keep clean all the time.  We are not dirty people; we are more disorganized than anything.   What we are asking for with the woman helping us clean around the house is to do the dusting, basic cleaning, and some organizing.  What we are asking for the woman to help watch our son is for the occasional babysitter for us to have a date night (we have not had one in about 2 years now), a babysitter to help when he is getting better from being sick and is not quite allowed back to daycare yet (that 24 hours of being fever-free type of time), a babysitter to occasionally watch him when I have another commitment (like a doctor appointment, job interview, etc.)

Our help is on the way!  I am sure we will be happy with both the cleaning and the babysitting help.