Help is on the way!


My husband and I decided when we bought our home that we would get some help around the house.  We had been overwhelmed with other things going on to really focus on it.  However, recently we started our hunt.  We needed to find someone to help watch our son and we needed to find someone to help clean around the house.  This past week we finally found our help!  It is going to be awesome being able to get the much needed help around here.  Our home is about 3100 sq. ft. which is a bit overwhelming for me to keep clean all the time.  We are not dirty people; we are more disorganized than anything.   What we are asking for with the woman helping us clean around the house is to do the dusting, basic cleaning, and some organizing.  What we are asking for the woman to help watch our son is for the occasional babysitter for us to have a date night (we have not had one in about 2 years now), a babysitter to help when he is getting better from being sick and is not quite allowed back to daycare yet (that 24 hours of being fever-free type of time), a babysitter to occasionally watch him when I have another commitment (like a doctor appointment, job interview, etc.)

Our help is on the way!  I am sure we will be happy with both the cleaning and the babysitting help. 


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