Ouch! Biting hurts!


Last week was incredibly busy.  Unfortunately, our son was victim of a couple fellow one-year-olds teeth.  In the last few weeks we have been sending him to “camp” to be able to get back to a normal routine and get him back to socializing with friends.  In the last three weeks he has been bitten three times.  Last week, he got bitten two days in a row!

Least to say, my husband and I were not happy when I had to get those phone calls.  The director and owner both were trying to convince me and my husband that a few minutes after the bite he is over it and he is ok.  Well, that is fine that he is putting on his brave face at school.  However, at home, he has inconsolable tantrums on the days that he has gotten hurt at school.  The director and owner think that he may be having tantrums because he is the age of revving up for the “terrible two’s” and it is something we will have to get used to.  Umm… in this case they are terribly wrong.  I can tell when it is a glance into the “terrible two’s” type of tantrum and when it is a tantrum that he is angry that he got injured at school.  For one, during the recent inconsolable tantrums through his tears and not completely English words I hear “ouch” and “ouchy”.  My son is trying to tell me that he got hurt at “camp”!

The daycare is doing everything that they can think of as a center and reaching out to the corporate company for help to stop the biters from biting their classmates as much as possible.  At some point this coming week there will be a specialist coming in to observe and take data to help figure out what is causing these children to their biting.

Until they get the specialist in and a plan figured out I sit with my cell phone on full volume hoping to NOT get a call from the daycare! 

**Note: our son is not the only child getting bitten in the classroom**



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