Calm after the storm (phase 1)


The original project of the new French doors.


A month ago my husband and I decided it was time to get some work done to the house.  The project began as him simply wanting French doors installed to separate his office.  Besides my husband liking how French doors look it is more of a sound blocking device so he can work in his office at the bottom of the stairs when our son is sleeping to the right of the top of the stairs.

My husband invited in multiple contractors to give estimates for the job.  As soon as Mike Swenson left we both turned to each other and agreed his Swenson Home Solutions contracting company was the right fit for us! 

Besides the fact that we liked the estimate, his easily being the best, I liked that his company makes sure that working around children they keep things as safe as possible… as a mom staying at home with a toddler it has to be a safe environment (even during construction).

What started out as a small little project that would only take a couple of days quickly became a huge project since we decided to just start crossing off home improvement projects that are needed to be done at some point.  We decided to also: get new front and side doors, put a sliding door in place of old French doors to the patio, and while we were already doing construction rip out the baseboard heating units and the carpet and linoleum on the first floor and replace it with oak wood floors. 


Front door after fixing the dry rot and repainting.


If all had gone to initial plan it was going to take about 1.5 weeks… Because there was dry rot at the front door, side door, and old French doors as well as the former owner (original builder of the house) had leveling compound put under the linoleum instead of glue the 1.5-week project became a 3.5-week project.

As soon as we all realized that the project would be taking longer than expected my husband and I decided to put our son in “camp” to help keep consistency and safety to the time he is in the house.  It started out that we were going to just put him in camp for just one week.  Once the contractors were on their hands and knees for 4 days scraping the leveling compound off the subfloor with a heat gun and scraper we decided to just keep our son in “camp” until the end of the project.


Leveling compound before the heat gun and scraper…

Swenson Home Solutions was great with keeping things toddler safe once I would leave them around 4pm to go pick my son up from “camp” no matter how late they stayed that evening…

As soon as our son would get home he would quickly want to run around the first floor to see everything that had been completed for the day.  Before we sent him to “camp”, the first two days of the project, when the front door was replaced, he enjoyed sitting as close as I allowed him to watch and learn…

Luckily, we are now finished phase 1 of our home improvement projects.  As phase 1 was being completed phase 2 of getting HVAC installed (and second floor baseboard heating units ripped out) began last weekend with our brother-in-law sacrificing his weekends with his family to set us up.  Next will be phase 3 of getting a porch and deck put on.  Following, phase 4 being an electrical overhaul (we have too many switches and too many outlets with many bottom outlets attached to a switch).  Then will be phase 5 of patching and painting the entire house.  Next year at some point will be phase 6 of finishing off the room above the kitchen that leads into the attic with the ripping up of the carpet and linoleum (which probably has leveling compound as well) on the second floor of the house.



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