All quiet on the daycare front


Recently, I had written about the craziness at daycare / “camp” and my son getting hurt with his classmates’ teeth… I am not sure what has changed except maybe the staff just keeping a closer eye on all the little friends in the classroom.  However, I just wanted to quickly update everyone and let them know it has been all quiet on the daycare front!  I have not been receiving phone calls with a follow-up incident report in over 2 weeks now! 

Hopefully, they set into place better watching practices and there should have been a specialist come last week to help give more insight into why certain friends want to bite others. 

My son still asks to have Teeth are not for Biting read to him and I am sure that will continue through the age / phase that he is tempted and his friends are tempted to bite. 

With this he has also learned to start to stick up for himself and say “NO” when a friend in class steals a toy he is playing with.  I have seen it a few times at drop-off in the last week.  I am glad he is learning to stick up for himself!  When he was getting bitten and he would come home all upset after “camp” I was adding words into his Teeth are not for Biting book telling him that if someone tries to bite him to say “NO!” and he extended it to when others steal toys as well!


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