Being a tourist

train museum

My son loves exploring new places and experiencing new things.  Last week my sister-in-law asked if my son and I wanted to get together with her and her kids.  She suggested two places (one outdoors and one indoors) and I picked the train museum.  We picked one of the hottest days with the latest heatwave.  I quickly was thankful I picked the air conditioned spot!  When my son and I arrived we realized that Grandmom decided to join us as well. 

As we entered the “Rolling Stock Hall” there were trains on tracks to walk along and some even to look inside.   It was really cool!  My sister-in-law has been there multiple times before so we followed her lead and enjoyed a morning of exploring trains. 

My son has recently realized that he enjoys running around so he was enjoying his cousins ready and willing to chase and keep up with him and help him up and down the stairs to look inside the railroad cars. 

My son’s favorite spot in the museum was the “Railroad Education Center” where he was set loose to play with a huge Thomas trainset.  Our morning came to an end quickly crossing the street and going to the local train station where there is a playground.  We ate lunch at a local place that the restaurant is inside a train car right across the train tracks and down a block from the local train station.  As the trains passed by you could feel the vibration from the train. 

As we said our goodbyes and got into our cars my son was absolutely exhausted.  Within a few minutes he was passed out asleep in the back and was probably dreaming about all the fun things he had seen and experienced!


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