16 down, 4 more to go!

baby teeth chart

Our son has cut sixteen of his baby teeth with only his three-year-old molars remaining.  I had thought that since they are named three-year-old-molars that I would have some time before those enormous teeth would attempt to cut through his gums…

With numbers fifteen and sixteen teeth he had all the typical teething symptoms and I just knew that it was imminent for them to come through.  He had a reprieve of about three days after the shiny white teeth of fifteen and sixteen cut through…

Then the teething symptoms began yet again…

There are only four more teeth that can cut through.  My poor baby (he is one-and-a-half years old so not much of a baby anymore) is going to be getting his three-year-old molars a year and a half early!  At this point we are just waiting… he has become a much pickier eater yet again for very soft food, his nose is running like crazy, he has to be wrangled to brush his teeth, and other lovely teething symptoms…

We are still waiting but my husband was able to distinguish the other day that the top two three-year-old molars are cutting through his gums first.  It should just be within a matter of a couple more weeks until they start coming in.  I have no idea when the bottom two three-year-old molars will cut.  However, knowing him and his baby teeth they should start hurting him right after the top teeth come through…

I will be glad once these molars are in because then it should be YEARS before we deal with anymore new teeth!


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