Zzz or Not


Yesterday, my husband was not sure if he would be home at “regular time” or “out late”.  Our son needs to be informed if Daddy will be getting home on time or if he has a commitment and cannot make it home in time for bedtime.  Most of the time my husband knows one way or another and tells our son as he says goodbye in the morning.  If my husband forgets to tell our son, our son has a really difficult sleeping at night.  What I remembered last night is, if my husband is unsure my son tries his hardest to wait up to see Daddy before going to sleep…

I, of course, did not remember this until it was 9pm and my baby was crying and screaming exhausted but refusing to go to sleep until Daddy got home.  His normal bedtime is around 7:30pm…

Least to say, it was a stressful hour and a half until Daddy was able to make it home and for us to re-tuck our son into bed to get some sleep.

**Lesson learned: My husband has to tell our son that he will be out late even if he MAY be able to make it home in time for bedtime… that way our son will go to bed while Daddy’s out.**


We have heat!


Our brother-in-law has been working every single weekend for the last month and a half to put in a new HVAC system for both the first and second floors of our home.  The temperature has started to get chillier with the low last night being 48°F and the low going to be down around 46°F again tonight.  The air conditioning has been running on both floors for the last few weeks with the gas line being finished last weekend for the upstairs unit.  We flipped the heat on for our son upstairs yesterday.  However, the gas line for the downstairs unit (where our Master Bedroom is located) just got finished this morning. 

Now, this evening, we have heat for both upstairs (where our son sleeps) and downstairs! 

Back to kisses!


My son’s phase of “No” in regard to kisses seems to finally have passed!  He is still saying no occasionally, however, now he is starting to randomly give me kisses again.  I will ask for a kiss and he will either say “no” or he will run right up to me and pucker up.  It is one of the most adorable things I have seen.  He has even started to give Daddy kisses again too (when he feels like it)! 

He has even started blowing kisses; which is as adorable as actually kisses.  The owner of the daycare has even started commenting how every time he sees her pass in the hallway or pop in with a tour he will say hi and blow her a kiss! 

Slow cooker – a mom’s best friend


I definitely consider myself a non-cook.   I try on occasion until things get too stressful with cooking; which is why I fell in love with my slow-cooker.  I am able to throw food into the slow cooker first thing in the morning and it cooks all day and is nice and hot when we are ready to eat dinner.  I also love the fact that as long as the slow cooker is out of my son’s reach he is able to run around the kitchen without me worrying about him burning himself leaning on the oven (do not worry it has not happened but it is always stressful having the oven on for long periods of time when he is running around). 

I knew I enjoyed using the slow cooker a lot but I did not have many recipes that I could pull out to use the slow cooker; thank you to my sister-in-law for giving me 4 slow cooker recipe books.  In the last week I have made five meals using the slow cooker (two of them I made twice) instead of having to figure out dinner another way.  I am determined to try a bunch of different slow cooker recipes that we all like in the house. 

Right now, my son has not been a fan of any of the meals with the slow cooker… it is a work in progress… at the moment I am not sure if he does not like the food or if chewing the food is too painful… poor little guy is teething and getting his 3 year molars in early (since those are the only teeth left to make their appearance) …

A cool part about using the slow cooker today to make chicken fajitas is that I may have convinced a good friend of mine (who came to visit today) to start using a slow cooker herself to make some yummy meals! 

Not to Train


Last week I let you all know that we were debating on trying to potty train or to not potty train.  My son had been showing interest and was actually successful by going on the potty on Tuesday morning (9/6) and that his teacher was told she could try putting him on the potty but if he got scared to not force it…

I was not there, so I do not know exactly what happened at school… but by time I got him home he was doing backbends to not sit on the training potty…

Well, he is still very young, he is not quite 19 months yet… I do not want to force the issue.  When he is ready to potty train he will… So, for now, we have put all potty training things away in the closets and are going to wait for at least a couple of months to see if he is ready again…

His daycare was told that once he builds his confidence up and is willing and successful to using the toddler toilet seat at home THEN and ONLY THEN they can start trying again at daycare. 

So, for now, we are still using diapers and letting him follow us in the bathroom when we have to go… I will update again when there is something to update…


The Sphere

Every year on September 11th I think about what I was doing on 9/11.  This year is not any different; my husband and I each quickly shared our story with each other… This year I am not going to share that here but instead I am going to share information about my grandfather’s connection to the World Trade Center…

My grandfather was a great contractor who worked in the family business of Civetta Cousins throughout his life in New York City.  My grandfather had always intended to write a memoir about his life including information about the army, his personal life, as well as his life in construction.  After he passed, in 1993, I was given a copy of his memoir rough draft.  Every once in a while, I look through it.  Recently, I noticed one of the many projects he worked on was the World Trade Center statue base.


The statue that he had to be referring to is The Sphere.  He did not build the statue but worked on the base of the statue within Austin J. Tobin Plaza; where the fountain was.  What is amazing is that on 9/11 despite the twin towers getting hit by planes and collapsing, the statue still had structural integrity.  There is no information that I could find about the base of the statue; however, I have to assume that the base had to have structural integrity as well since the statue did not fall. 


To be honest, I had never really thought about the statue or the statue base of The Sphere.  After the clean-up of 9/11 and The Sphere was gone I had assumed that it had gotten wrecked from the collapse of the towers.  After researching, I now know that the statue was moved into storage, is currently in Battery Park, and is getting moved to Liberty Park soon.

New York Marks 6-Month Anniversary of September 11th


To train or not to train



Similar to our son except he has more hair and only uses a binky while sleeping…


For the last several months my son has been showing many signs of potty training readiness.  Pull-ups says the common signs include:

·         Pulling at a wet or dirty diaper

·         Hiding to pee or poop

·         Interest in others’ use of the potty, or copying their behavior

·         Having a dry diaper for a longer-than-usual time

·         Awakening dry from a nap

·         Telling you that they’re about to go, are going or have just gone in their diaper

My son has been showing 5 out of these 6 signs of potty training readiness.  We had the weekend trip to New York that we just got back from and did not want to introduce the potty or start potty training until after getting back.  My husband would be home with us on Labor Day so decided we would introduce the potty and follow our son’s lead of if to start potty training or not. 

We started the morning with introducing the little step-stool and toddler toilet seat cover.  After the third time he wanted to get on it he got frustrated and started crying; the step stool was a bit short for the toilet so he needed help getting onto the toilet.  Since he is so young we did not want to force it (but help continue his interest and motivation) we pulled out the training potty that he was able to get on and off of independently. 

He spent the day wanting to get on and off the training potty and even wanted to sit and try to use the potty.  By bedtime he sat for about 5-10 minutes before getting into his PJs.  Tuesday morning after he woke up he wanted to try to use the potty before getting dressed for the day.  He sat for a few minutes and used the potty!  We were so excited and felt confident that he would want to start potty training!

He went to “school” at daycare.  I let his teacher know that they could try to put him on the classroom toilet (it is toddler sized) but that he had gotten scared and frustrated on the toilet at home.  If he got scared to take him off and forget it for the rest of the day… I told her she could call me with any questions through the day… I got no calls and apparently she put him on at least 3 times and told me at pick-up that he cried (as well as the other two toddlers starting to potty train).  When I got him home and sit on the training potty he was absolutely terrified!  He refused to sit on the training potty the rest of the evening.

This morning my husband and I wrote a note telling the daycare to completely discontinue potty training at daycare… We would work on getting his confidence back and let daycare know once he graduates up from using the training potty to the toddler toilet seat cover…

All of our hard work… completely gone… and now he is even more terrified than before we introduced the potty…

Least to say, we still have the training potty out because he is occasionally wanting to sit on it dressed… However, we are taking it REALLY slow now because we do not want him being scared.  Whenever it is time to change his diaper I quickly ask if he wants to sit on the training potty.  He will let me know: yes or no.  I then quickly ask if he wants his pants off; again he will let me know: yes or no… If he sits I give a lot of reinforcement; if he does not sit I just tell him to lay down to change his diaper and continue on with the routine.

It is going to be a long process… but he still has the interest so the training potty will not get put away because I do not want him thinking that he did anything wrong.  He got scared and we will help him get past this fear…

Family family everywhere


torta; Italian family dish


A few years ago my mom asked me to join her to her family reunion in upstate New York.  Most of her direct line of family has since passed away and she had lost touch with the other branches of her massive family.  I joined her that year and met quite a few cousins that I had never even heard of.  That year I also had seen a few cousins I had not seen or heard about in countless years…

Early last year when my mom passed away (from an aggressive cancer) a handful of cousins came down from upstate New York and Connecticut to my mom’s memorial and met my son; he was not even a week old at the memorial.  My husband and I knew it was very important to us to have our son know my mom’s family.  Her family holds an annual reunion that I had only been to one with my mom.  However, my husband and I decided it will be a reunion that we will attend; not every year but often enough that our son will know his Italian relatives. 

Last year I was invited to the reunion but knew it was not the right time for me to celebrate life and family with my young son.  I knew last year was not the year to introduce him to the Italian family.  I needed more time…

This year, enough time has gone by that I decided it was time to make the trip with my son and husband to go to upstate New York to attend the reunion.  Long drives for day trips are still not a great idea with a one-and-a-half-year-old so we decided to make a weekend of it.  This past weekend was the trip up to New York. 

We left first thing Friday morning and visited family in Yorktown Heights, NY late in the afternoon into the evening.  My cousin and her husband (that I had only met a few years prior) even took us on a little drive to visit the outside of my Grandpa’s house and my Auntie Christie’s houses that I remember from my childhood.  On Saturday we trekked over to Greenwich, Connecticut to visit my cousin and his wife (that I have known since I was a little girl) who also had their son and family and my uncle (my mom’s brother) come to visit and play with my son.  Sunday was the reunion where I was able, with the help of my cousin that I had visited on Friday, my husband and I were able to meet cousins and introduce him to our son.

All in all, it was a great weekend packed with family and tourist things to do.  It is great to have my son meet and get to know his Italian relatives and for me to continue to keep in touch with them.  We probably will not attend the reunion next year but we will definitely make it a trip that is a regular part of our son’s life.