Family family everywhere


torta; Italian family dish


A few years ago my mom asked me to join her to her family reunion in upstate New York.  Most of her direct line of family has since passed away and she had lost touch with the other branches of her massive family.  I joined her that year and met quite a few cousins that I had never even heard of.  That year I also had seen a few cousins I had not seen or heard about in countless years…

Early last year when my mom passed away (from an aggressive cancer) a handful of cousins came down from upstate New York and Connecticut to my mom’s memorial and met my son; he was not even a week old at the memorial.  My husband and I knew it was very important to us to have our son know my mom’s family.  Her family holds an annual reunion that I had only been to one with my mom.  However, my husband and I decided it will be a reunion that we will attend; not every year but often enough that our son will know his Italian relatives. 

Last year I was invited to the reunion but knew it was not the right time for me to celebrate life and family with my young son.  I knew last year was not the year to introduce him to the Italian family.  I needed more time…

This year, enough time has gone by that I decided it was time to make the trip with my son and husband to go to upstate New York to attend the reunion.  Long drives for day trips are still not a great idea with a one-and-a-half-year-old so we decided to make a weekend of it.  This past weekend was the trip up to New York. 

We left first thing Friday morning and visited family in Yorktown Heights, NY late in the afternoon into the evening.  My cousin and her husband (that I had only met a few years prior) even took us on a little drive to visit the outside of my Grandpa’s house and my Auntie Christie’s houses that I remember from my childhood.  On Saturday we trekked over to Greenwich, Connecticut to visit my cousin and his wife (that I have known since I was a little girl) who also had their son and family and my uncle (my mom’s brother) come to visit and play with my son.  Sunday was the reunion where I was able, with the help of my cousin that I had visited on Friday, my husband and I were able to meet cousins and introduce him to our son.

All in all, it was a great weekend packed with family and tourist things to do.  It is great to have my son meet and get to know his Italian relatives and for me to continue to keep in touch with them.  We probably will not attend the reunion next year but we will definitely make it a trip that is a regular part of our son’s life.


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