The Sphere

Every year on September 11th I think about what I was doing on 9/11.  This year is not any different; my husband and I each quickly shared our story with each other… This year I am not going to share that here but instead I am going to share information about my grandfather’s connection to the World Trade Center…

My grandfather was a great contractor who worked in the family business of Civetta Cousins throughout his life in New York City.  My grandfather had always intended to write a memoir about his life including information about the army, his personal life, as well as his life in construction.  After he passed, in 1993, I was given a copy of his memoir rough draft.  Every once in a while, I look through it.  Recently, I noticed one of the many projects he worked on was the World Trade Center statue base.


The statue that he had to be referring to is The Sphere.  He did not build the statue but worked on the base of the statue within Austin J. Tobin Plaza; where the fountain was.  What is amazing is that on 9/11 despite the twin towers getting hit by planes and collapsing, the statue still had structural integrity.  There is no information that I could find about the base of the statue; however, I have to assume that the base had to have structural integrity as well since the statue did not fall. 


To be honest, I had never really thought about the statue or the statue base of The Sphere.  After the clean-up of 9/11 and The Sphere was gone I had assumed that it had gotten wrecked from the collapse of the towers.  After researching, I now know that the statue was moved into storage, is currently in Battery Park, and is getting moved to Liberty Park soon.

New York Marks 6-Month Anniversary of September 11th



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