Not to Train


Last week I let you all know that we were debating on trying to potty train or to not potty train.  My son had been showing interest and was actually successful by going on the potty on Tuesday morning (9/6) and that his teacher was told she could try putting him on the potty but if he got scared to not force it…

I was not there, so I do not know exactly what happened at school… but by time I got him home he was doing backbends to not sit on the training potty…

Well, he is still very young, he is not quite 19 months yet… I do not want to force the issue.  When he is ready to potty train he will… So, for now, we have put all potty training things away in the closets and are going to wait for at least a couple of months to see if he is ready again…

His daycare was told that once he builds his confidence up and is willing and successful to using the toddler toilet seat at home THEN and ONLY THEN they can start trying again at daycare. 

So, for now, we are still using diapers and letting him follow us in the bathroom when we have to go… I will update again when there is something to update…



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