Slow cooker – a mom’s best friend


I definitely consider myself a non-cook.   I try on occasion until things get too stressful with cooking; which is why I fell in love with my slow-cooker.  I am able to throw food into the slow cooker first thing in the morning and it cooks all day and is nice and hot when we are ready to eat dinner.  I also love the fact that as long as the slow cooker is out of my son’s reach he is able to run around the kitchen without me worrying about him burning himself leaning on the oven (do not worry it has not happened but it is always stressful having the oven on for long periods of time when he is running around). 

I knew I enjoyed using the slow cooker a lot but I did not have many recipes that I could pull out to use the slow cooker; thank you to my sister-in-law for giving me 4 slow cooker recipe books.  In the last week I have made five meals using the slow cooker (two of them I made twice) instead of having to figure out dinner another way.  I am determined to try a bunch of different slow cooker recipes that we all like in the house. 

Right now, my son has not been a fan of any of the meals with the slow cooker… it is a work in progress… at the moment I am not sure if he does not like the food or if chewing the food is too painful… poor little guy is teething and getting his 3 year molars in early (since those are the only teeth left to make their appearance) …

A cool part about using the slow cooker today to make chicken fajitas is that I may have convinced a good friend of mine (who came to visit today) to start using a slow cooker herself to make some yummy meals! 


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