Zzz or Not


Yesterday, my husband was not sure if he would be home at “regular time” or “out late”.  Our son needs to be informed if Daddy will be getting home on time or if he has a commitment and cannot make it home in time for bedtime.  Most of the time my husband knows one way or another and tells our son as he says goodbye in the morning.  If my husband forgets to tell our son, our son has a really difficult sleeping at night.  What I remembered last night is, if my husband is unsure my son tries his hardest to wait up to see Daddy before going to sleep…

I, of course, did not remember this until it was 9pm and my baby was crying and screaming exhausted but refusing to go to sleep until Daddy got home.  His normal bedtime is around 7:30pm…

Least to say, it was a stressful hour and a half until Daddy was able to make it home and for us to re-tuck our son into bed to get some sleep.

**Lesson learned: My husband has to tell our son that he will be out late even if he MAY be able to make it home in time for bedtime… that way our son will go to bed while Daddy’s out.**


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