No More Goodbye Kiss for Mommy


Another thing that changed this past week is that when I am dropping my son off to “school” he runs off to play right away.  When I say goodbye and ask him if he wants a kiss he just ignores me and continues playing…

I knew it had been too good to be true before… he used to say goodbye and give me a kiss and then want an extra kiss as I was leaving the classroom…

Now, he just ignores me.  I knew he would get to that point but I thought I still had some more time before that got ditched at 20 months! 

Hopefully, it is just a phase and maybe I will get that back again…


From Mama to Mommy!


I am not exactly sure when it happened but recently my son went from calling me Mama only when he was not feeling well to Mommy every chance he gets.  I think it has been about a week now; maybe a little less and maybe a little more. 

Every time he calls “Mommy” he expects a response.  As I respond to him saying “yes, [name]” I can hear in my mind how my mom used to respond; “that’s my name, don’t wear it out!” and I just chuckle to myself.  I am sure once his calling for me starts wearing on me that will probably be my response as well.  For now, I am just glad that he does not just want me when he is not feeling well but other times as well. 

One, two, nine…



Most of the mini pumpkins and mini gourds.


This weekend we had one of my friends come visit that we have not seen in many years.  It has taken us multiple years to even be able to coordinate our schedules to be able to see each other.  She had not even met our son yet…

She arrived on Saturday right after naptime and stayed until this afternoon right before naptime.  An entire day together was awesome!

At first, our son was very shy and was trying his hardest to not even make eye contact during his afternoon snack.  After snack, we decided to go to a local orchard and check out their family day.  We were arriving very close to the end of the event so decided to pick out a zillion mini pumpkins instead.  Once getting home, my son made a game out of grabbing as many pumpkins as he could reach off of our bay window in the kitchen and give them to my friend.  Once he could not reach anymore he put them all back and started over again.  He was able to reach about 6 or so.  This game lasted until bedtime when we had to tear him away from the pumpkins and my friend.

This morning he did not want to get out of his crib until I reminded him that Daddy was downstairs and that my friend was still here.  The rest of the morning routine until she appeared he was calling out her name and looking for her in the living room and kitchen.  It was adorable!

After breakfast, while we were taking it slow wanting to get out of the house for the day, the pumpkin game started up again… This continued even when my friend started pulling aside a few white mini pumpkins for herself.  My son was not happy and exclaimed, “mine!”  I had to remind him that she was only taking a few and that the rest were his.  I guess buying the box of mini pumpkins and mini gourds was worth the small investment.

Right before lunch my friend left and we said our goodbyes.  After naptime and the rest of the day my son kept calling my friend’s name and was looking for her.  I wonder how long it will take for him to stop looking for her.  I guess we will have to have another visit again soon!


R&R with Mama!


On Monday night, my son kept waking up with coughing fits.  My son is known for sleeping through the night and not making a peep unless something is wrong.  Yesterday morning, he was still coughing and we decided it was time to get checked out at the doctor to make sure it was just the cold he has been fighting for the last couple weeks.  Since I had no idea what the doctor would say, I canceled my commitment to work and I called him out of daycare for the day…

I was able to get an appointment at the pediatrician first thing in the morning and we were able to relax throughout the rest of the day together.  Luckily, it was just a bad case of post-nasal drip and him still fighting that cold.  I wanted my son to relax throughout the day to help him get over the cold quicker.  I decided to pull out some of the G movies I have on hand and give him a choice.

His options were: Toy Story (I love how after he watches this he constantly tells his toys to “stay” when he puts them down), Shrek (I have all 3 and am amused by the humor in the movies), and Rio (his babysitter is Brazilian and he likes the music and colors).  He ended up picking Rio.

Before lunch and after nap I was able to convince him to get outside and play a little bit. Around dinner time it was time to pull out another G movie and give him a choice.

His options were: Toy Story (I really wanted to watch him telling his toys to “stay”), Cars (he loves cars and trucks), and Finding Nemo (he loves the characters so much his lunchbox that he picked out is Finding Nemo).  He picked Elmo (his way of saying Nemo apparently!)

As soon as Finding Nemo ended I told him that Nemo was going to bed and it was time for him to go to bed too…

Sometimes it is important to just have a R&R day with Mama!



First attack of a bee


This afternoon after my son’s nap and afternoon snack we went out to the new deck to play and watch Daddy cut the grass and leaf blow the driveway.  While we were on the deck we started playing a “pick up the leaf” game together.  I got tired of standing and finally sat down and my son continued to run around the deck collecting leaves and putting them in his bucket.  All of a sudden…

He stopped picking up leaves and held up his right hand and starting to wave it looking at me sort of shocked.  I realized that there was a bee stuck to his little thumb and it was stinging him…

He is 20 months old now and got stung by his first bee…

He ran over to me I pulled the stinger out and got the bee off the deck and onto the ground below.  I gave my son a BIG hug and told him we had to go inside and wash his hands.  He seemed annoyed at the bee and said “ouch” at his thumb.  It took some coercing but I was able to get him inside and had him quickly wash his hands. 

We went directly back outside so he could continue playing and watch Daddy doing the yardwork. 

Since it was his first bee sting, I kept a very close eye on his finger and the redness/heat/swelling began to go down within minutes of us washing his hands. 

When Daddy took a short break between moving and weed waking I had him come over and my son was telling Daddy all about how the bee stung him in that corner and showed him his red/slightly swollen thumb.  Daddy gave his thumb a kiss and told him how brave he was.  Suddenly, his finger did not hurt anymore and all he wanted to do was play; but this time, inside…

**there was no severe reaction and little redness by bedtime**
I will be keeping an eye on it tomorrow though.

Happy birthday to me



Cupcakes made for my 7th birthday party.

Today is my birthday.  It used to always be a really big deal for me; my mom would sing “Happy Birthday” to me first thing in the morning even once I lived on my own she would call me.  My mom passed away a little over 1.5 years ago (on the day my son was born – that is a story for another day) and last year’s birthday and this year’s birthday I really miss hearing her sing “Happy Birthday” first thing in the morning to me! 

Now that she is not here to celebrate my birthday with me I really do not like my birthday anymore.  When I was growing up I never really understood why she wanted / NEEDED to celebrate birthdays with me even once I got “too old for birthday parties”.  However, now that I am a mom myself I understand that the birthday is not even just a celebration of the person that was born but for the parents of that person as well.  I only wish I would have been able to let my mom know that I understand why she used to always have cupcakes in the shape of pumpkins made for my birthday and why she always needed to plan an amazing party for my big day. 

Now, on my birthday, I have started taking time to realize and appreciate all the things about my mom I completely took for granted when I was young and wish I could say thank you to my mom for always celebrating me and my birthday!













Fun on the playground with Daddy


This afternoon we were able to go to the playground together as a family.  It has been a few months since we were last able to all go together.  Since then, my son has started liking to go down slides and climb on the equipment.  My son was able to show his Daddy how he loves going down the slide.  Daddy was able to help him go down a bigger slide (by making sure he did not go down too fast).  My son only wanted to go down the “big” slide a couple of times before he got too scared.  My son was able to go on the Merry go Round and then spin his Daddy around for a few minutes.  We were there only about a half hour but we all enjoyed ourselves.  Hopefully we will make it there again all together before winter, if not definitely again in the spring!


First words – 19 months


This afternoon as I was picking my son up from “school” his teacher told me she has started to phase out the sign language and is encouraging verbal communication more than sign language!  I told her that I had stopped encouraging his sign language a few months ago because he had started learning how to verbalize many new words.

Apparently, one of the other parents told the teacher that her son was not verbalizing and the pediatrician told the family that he should be speaking 3-10 words.  The teacher told me this and it got me thinking…

I know my son verbalizes more than 10 words… I googled it and found out a 20 month old should have about 12-15 words in their spoken vocabulary.  My husband and I wondered exactly how many words can he verbalize?

So I wrote them all down… there are 55 words and short phrases that he uses (in no particular order):

Stay Shoe Yay Out Book Hug
Help Two Ball Table Yum yum Teeth
Bye bye Nine All done Train Mine Baby
Daddy Bear I love you Piu (“pee-yew”) Me Baby doll
Mama Car Boo Bat Moo Hot
More Please Hi Cleat I did it
No Thank you Cheese Button Stuck
Stop Owl This Bottle Grape
Up Ouchy That cup Alligator
Down truck chair Pee pee banana


Once putting them all down on paper, it is kind of amazing of how many words he can use and say.  Some of them sound crazy; especially alligator but I swear he said it when labeling something in a book.  Baby doll also sounds kind of crazy; however, he came home from “school” one day saying “baby doll” while labeling all of his stuffed animals in his play room.  I guess his classroom has baby dolls he likes.

Considering he has more than triple the amount of verbalized words in his spoken vocabulary… We have nothing to worry about… he is learning more and more every day!

Yum Yum Pumpkin Bread



Not ours but what it looks like.


I have had an AMAZING recipe for pumpkin bread that my mother-in-law gave me years ago.  I used to make it every year around this time.  However, I had not made it in years.  My husband finally convinced me this weekend to get all the ingredients and to make two HUGE batches and he would help!

We made both batches today while our son was napping upstairs dreaming about pumpkin bread.  We have given him store bought pumpkin products but today was the first time he had our homemade pumpkin bread.  He scarfed his piece down for his afternoon snack so quickly.  I guess he approves!

I will be making more this season because apparently I am behind on my pumpkin bread quota.  I guess it is a good thing we have a spare fridge/freezer in the garage now…