Yum Yum Pumpkin Bread



Not ours but what it looks like.


I have had an AMAZING recipe for pumpkin bread that my mother-in-law gave me years ago.  I used to make it every year around this time.  However, I had not made it in years.  My husband finally convinced me this weekend to get all the ingredients and to make two HUGE batches and he would help!

We made both batches today while our son was napping upstairs dreaming about pumpkin bread.  We have given him store bought pumpkin products but today was the first time he had our homemade pumpkin bread.  He scarfed his piece down for his afternoon snack so quickly.  I guess he approves!

I will be making more this season because apparently I am behind on my pumpkin bread quota.  I guess it is a good thing we have a spare fridge/freezer in the garage now…



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