First words – 19 months


This afternoon as I was picking my son up from “school” his teacher told me she has started to phase out the sign language and is encouraging verbal communication more than sign language!  I told her that I had stopped encouraging his sign language a few months ago because he had started learning how to verbalize many new words.

Apparently, one of the other parents told the teacher that her son was not verbalizing and the pediatrician told the family that he should be speaking 3-10 words.  The teacher told me this and it got me thinking…

I know my son verbalizes more than 10 words… I googled it and found out a 20 month old should have about 12-15 words in their spoken vocabulary.  My husband and I wondered exactly how many words can he verbalize?

So I wrote them all down… there are 55 words and short phrases that he uses (in no particular order):

Stay Shoe Yay Out Book Hug
Help Two Ball Table Yum yum Teeth
Bye bye Nine All done Train Mine Baby
Daddy Bear I love you Piu (“pee-yew”) Me Baby doll
Mama Car Boo Bat Moo Hot
More Please Hi Cleat I did it
No Thank you Cheese Button Stuck
Stop Owl This Bottle Grape
Up Ouchy That cup Alligator
Down truck chair Pee pee banana


Once putting them all down on paper, it is kind of amazing of how many words he can use and say.  Some of them sound crazy; especially alligator but I swear he said it when labeling something in a book.  Baby doll also sounds kind of crazy; however, he came home from “school” one day saying “baby doll” while labeling all of his stuffed animals in his play room.  I guess his classroom has baby dolls he likes.

Considering he has more than triple the amount of verbalized words in his spoken vocabulary… We have nothing to worry about… he is learning more and more every day!


4 thoughts on “First words – 19 months

  1. My daughter is bilingual. Romanian at home, French at the creche.
    I can for sure count her words in Romanian. They can be half words but I still understand as she is using them at home to ask / point things.
    On the other hand, I am pretty sure she is saying French words too, but that I can’t understand. :))) OK, just one of them. (Although I do speack French. But I don’t make the connection.)


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