First attack of a bee


This afternoon after my son’s nap and afternoon snack we went out to the new deck to play and watch Daddy cut the grass and leaf blow the driveway.  While we were on the deck we started playing a “pick up the leaf” game together.  I got tired of standing and finally sat down and my son continued to run around the deck collecting leaves and putting them in his bucket.  All of a sudden…

He stopped picking up leaves and held up his right hand and starting to wave it looking at me sort of shocked.  I realized that there was a bee stuck to his little thumb and it was stinging him…

He is 20 months old now and got stung by his first bee…

He ran over to me I pulled the stinger out and got the bee off the deck and onto the ground below.  I gave my son a BIG hug and told him we had to go inside and wash his hands.  He seemed annoyed at the bee and said “ouch” at his thumb.  It took some coercing but I was able to get him inside and had him quickly wash his hands. 

We went directly back outside so he could continue playing and watch Daddy doing the yardwork. 

Since it was his first bee sting, I kept a very close eye on his finger and the redness/heat/swelling began to go down within minutes of us washing his hands. 

When Daddy took a short break between moving and weed waking I had him come over and my son was telling Daddy all about how the bee stung him in that corner and showed him his red/slightly swollen thumb.  Daddy gave his thumb a kiss and told him how brave he was.  Suddenly, his finger did not hurt anymore and all he wanted to do was play; but this time, inside…

**there was no severe reaction and little redness by bedtime**
I will be keeping an eye on it tomorrow though.


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