R&R with Mama!


On Monday night, my son kept waking up with coughing fits.  My son is known for sleeping through the night and not making a peep unless something is wrong.  Yesterday morning, he was still coughing and we decided it was time to get checked out at the doctor to make sure it was just the cold he has been fighting for the last couple weeks.  Since I had no idea what the doctor would say, I canceled my commitment to work and I called him out of daycare for the day…

I was able to get an appointment at the pediatrician first thing in the morning and we were able to relax throughout the rest of the day together.  Luckily, it was just a bad case of post-nasal drip and him still fighting that cold.  I wanted my son to relax throughout the day to help him get over the cold quicker.  I decided to pull out some of the G movies I have on hand and give him a choice.

His options were: Toy Story (I love how after he watches this he constantly tells his toys to “stay” when he puts them down), Shrek (I have all 3 and am amused by the humor in the movies), and Rio (his babysitter is Brazilian and he likes the music and colors).  He ended up picking Rio.

Before lunch and after nap I was able to convince him to get outside and play a little bit. Around dinner time it was time to pull out another G movie and give him a choice.

His options were: Toy Story (I really wanted to watch him telling his toys to “stay”), Cars (he loves cars and trucks), and Finding Nemo (he loves the characters so much his lunchbox that he picked out is Finding Nemo).  He picked Elmo (his way of saying Nemo apparently!)

As soon as Finding Nemo ended I told him that Nemo was going to bed and it was time for him to go to bed too…

Sometimes it is important to just have a R&R day with Mama!




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