Where did Thanksgiving go?


Today I went to the local Walmart and went looking for some board books to buy for my son.  It’s best to just tell you the exact conversation with two different Walmart employees (I posted this on Facebook too)…

Me: Do you have any Children’s Thanksgiving books anywhere?

Employee 1: Ummm… I know we had Halloween books. (As she goes off and checks)

Employee 2: Try in the book section.

Me: I already looked in the book section, none are there…

Employee 2: Maybe we don’t have them out yet…

Me: You are already putting out Christmas stuff…

Employee 2: Try the book section.

Me: I already did.  There are no Thanksgiving books there.

Employee 1: We don’t have any more Halloween books but we have Christmas books out!

Thanks, but I was looking for Thanksgiving books!  Where did Thanksgiving go?  There used to be Thanksgiving decorations / books out in stores between Halloween and Christmas.  Now, there is no Thanksgiving stuff out…

We’ll be ordering a couple Thanksgiving board books from Amazon before Thanksgiving this year so that we can teach our son about the holiday!


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