Happy Turkey Day!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This year my husband and I decided to take a trip to Gettysburg, PA for Thanksgiving weekend.  We used to always spend the day of Thanksgiving driving to multiple people’s houses starting the day (and spending the most time) with my mom.  My mom passed almost 2 years ago; a story for another day… Thanksgiving is just not the same without spending time with my mom so we decided to go away this Thanksgiving…

Last year for Thanksgiving we had just moved into our home so we decided to spend the day unpacking.  This year we had decided to go to Gettysburg, PA (a place we had meant to get to for a weekend getaway over the summer but did not make it over the summer). 

It was a very nice weekend away spending time as a family.  My son’s favorite part of the weekend was when we took him on a bus tour of Gettysburg battlefield.  Every time he sees a bus now he screams “BUS!!”


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