Full time…


Right before Thanksgiving I found out that I could apply for a full-time job that I am highly qualified and I love doing.  I heard that my home (school) district that I have been substitute teaching in is hiring classroom aides in the middle school; I put my official letter of interest and application in ASAP.  Monday before Thanksgiving I went into the middle school and had an interview and got offered the job on the spot within a few minutes of the interview. 

My first day working as a classroom aide was yesterday.  As I was arriving to the school for my first day and I said hello to the principal that hired me I got offered a different job than what I originally was going to be starting.  For now, I am working as a general classroom aide.  After the winter break in a few weeks I will be working as the classroom aide in the behavior support classroom; which is a job that I am extraordinarily excited to do.  Hopefully, things will go as planned and I will be switching over to working in the behavior support classroom; things tend to not always happen as planned in this district.

So for now, I am working in math, social studies, and science classes in fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, and eight grade.  It is challenging and a little overwhelming at certain times but I am learning a lot and am excited to be working in my home (school) district!


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