Sleepy sleepy…


On Monday morning I was woken up with a jolt! Suddenly, our brand new whole house generator flipped on at 4am.  It is not a loud generator but it is situated right outside one of our bedroom windows.  Once I realized that it was revving up and would be on for a while; I climbed out of bed and headed to the living room.  It was nice to see on our baby monitor that our son was sleeping as soundly as Daddy was in the bedroom and that having a whole house generator was already going to be worth the money. 

Instead of me being awake worrying that it was getting cold in the house and that the power was supposed to be off for the next several hours; I was able to sit back and watch some TV and relax as my husband and son soundly slept.  Luckily, I was able to dose off a bit since it was a work day and I would be having to be functional for the day. 

I’m just grateful that we were able to get a whole house generator and that it had gotten installed and kept our house warm and light… We were the only house on the street with power (since the power had gone out at 4am and our neighbors only have little portable generators). 


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