Off to Grandmom’s House We Go!

The contractors are working in our house.  They have been here a while now working on Phase 3 (deck, porch, patch, and paint.  They are finally up to painting!  However, I am home sick and my son is home sick and they are painting the downstairs (our main living space). 

Grandmom came over to our house on Monday to watch my son so I could go to the doctor.  When she was here and saw how crazy it was; she took pity on us and told me that we could come over this week to get away from the paint and relax at her house.  I took her up on it.  We were at Grandmom and Granddad’s house yesterday, today, and will probably be there again tomorrow. 


My son is having a great time playing with his “big bus” (aka Daddy’s old TMNT bus) and playing with the play kitchen.

Let’s hope he gets over this cold soon as well as the contractors getting the painting done quickly!


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