Holiday Party at Grandmom and Granddad’s – 2017



My son playing the piano


Every year (except last year) my in-laws host a holiday party for the family.  Yesterday was the holiday party and since our son is almost two years old this was his first holiday party to attend.  My husband had a fun/cheesy idea of getting our son a nice blue button-down shirt and nice khaki pants and to match our son.  The photo of my husband holding my son and them matching is adorable; I will not post it because we specifically do not post pictures publicly of our son on the internet. 

Anyways, our son was able to meet a BUNCH of family that he has either never met before or only met when he was a newborn.  He was able to meet and play with/near a bunch of cousins he had not met yet.  He kept thinking his cousins were playing with HIS toys when in fact they were Grandmom’s toys that everybody could play with.  I had to tell him and had to remind him a couple times; but he did a great time sharing the toys.

He was adorable and had a great time at the holiday party.   We missed some cousins that were not able to make it and still have to have him meet some of the cousins.  All in all, a great holiday party!


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