Last year right after my son’s birthday (February 15th) I gave my son a little bit of peanut butter to introduce it to him.  He ate a little bit two days in a row and liked it… Then he woke up from nap after lunch and had three hives on his left cheek… Those three hives sent us into a year long process of allergy testing. 

I got him to an allergist right away and got:

·         skin testing done… negative for peanut allergy

·         blood work done… negative for peanut allergy

·         food challenge done… he kept getting sick so it kept getting postponed. 

Finally, over this past summer I was able to bring him in for his food challenge… he only ate the first batch and then refused to eat any more peanut butter… there was not enough information to see if he is allergic or not.  The allergist told me to bring him back in six months to try the food challenge again…


Two days ago, was finally the appointment for the food challenge… In the last six months my husband and I decided if it was necessary I would make our son eat the peanut butter to complete the food challenge…

I packed my son’s backpack with my iPad loaded with some cool new TV shows, all the small cars and trucks I could find in my son’s collection of toys, a few favorite books, and a couple favorite stuffed animals. 

The first bit of peanut butter – ¼ teaspoon – my son decided he did not want to eat peanut butter.  I caught him off guard and quickly got it on my finger and into his mouth… he cried for a few minutes and finally closed his mouth and swallowed… the timer began…

I had to do the same thing for the ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, and 1 tablespoon (allergist told me to just get him to eat as much of the tablespoon as he would let me).   Each time the peanut butter came into the room my son would start to cry until he finally swallowed it…

It was a LONG 2.5 hours of testing.  However, when we walked out of the allergist appointment I knew that my son is not allergic to peanut butter and can eat it (and products made in a factory with nuts)! 

I honestly am not even sure if he will ever eat peanut butter – I do not think he likes the consistency – however we now do not need to keep a nut-free house!


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