I Did It! – baby locks


When our son started crawling we made sure our house was baby proofed with some of the most difficult baby locks around.  We made sure key cabinets had baby locks on them.  When our son started walking and wanting to throw his toys away in the trash can, the trash can got a baby lock on it too.  Within the last week or so, our son decided to show us that he has paid attention and can now open the lock on the trashcan as well as the cabinets that have the baby lock low enough that he can reach; it does not keep him out, it only slows him down. 

It seems like a moot point having them on at this point. 

I cannot believe he mastered unlocking and locking the baby locks having only had difficulty the first and second time doing it…

Now what?  What age are baby / toddler locks supposed to be taken down?  Our son is not even 2 years old yet!


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