Off to Grandmom’s House We Go!

The contractors are working in our house.  They have been here a while now working on Phase 3 (deck, porch, patch, and paint.  They are finally up to painting!  However, I am home sick and my son is home sick and they are painting the downstairs (our main living space). 

Grandmom came over to our house on Monday to watch my son so I could go to the doctor.  When she was here and saw how crazy it was; she took pity on us and told me that we could come over this week to get away from the paint and relax at her house.  I took her up on it.  We were at Grandmom and Granddad’s house yesterday, today, and will probably be there again tomorrow. 


My son is having a great time playing with his “big bus” (aka Daddy’s old TMNT bus) and playing with the play kitchen.

Let’s hope he gets over this cold soon as well as the contractors getting the painting done quickly!


It’s cold outside!

It has been extraordinarily cold out recently… Our son has to get outside and play and get some fresh air.  Today, I decided to put his car on our new front porch and dress him up like Ralphie’s little brother from A Christmas Story (well not as bad but similar) and get him outside…

He enjoyed being outside but his snow pants were a little too big he had trouble getting in and out of the car.  After about 10 minutes or so of being outside all bundled up he was starting to overheat and started taking off his gloves.  I told him if he took his gloves off again we would go directly inside.  He seemed a bit too happy taking off his gloves again and getting forced back inside to enjoy playing inside again.  At least I was able to get him outside in some fresh air for a little bit!

Sleepy sleepy…


On Monday morning I was woken up with a jolt! Suddenly, our brand new whole house generator flipped on at 4am.  It is not a loud generator but it is situated right outside one of our bedroom windows.  Once I realized that it was revving up and would be on for a while; I climbed out of bed and headed to the living room.  It was nice to see on our baby monitor that our son was sleeping as soundly as Daddy was in the bedroom and that having a whole house generator was already going to be worth the money. 

Instead of me being awake worrying that it was getting cold in the house and that the power was supposed to be off for the next several hours; I was able to sit back and watch some TV and relax as my husband and son soundly slept.  Luckily, I was able to dose off a bit since it was a work day and I would be having to be functional for the day. 

I’m just grateful that we were able to get a whole house generator and that it had gotten installed and kept our house warm and light… We were the only house on the street with power (since the power had gone out at 4am and our neighbors only have little portable generators). 

Having a Ball with Daddy


Yesterday we had to get out of the house.  We decided to venture up to an arcade that is up in Reading.  We were thinking about it being a good venue for our son’s upcoming birthday; however, I wanted to make sure that it was not too over stimulating.  Our son loved playing a basketball game with Daddy there… We had a good time as a family there however it was a bit TOO much for an extended amount of time.  Our son was having meltdowns and when asked was able to let me know that it was too much…

We had a good afternoon… but still trying to figure out where to have a birthday celebration…

Full time…


Right before Thanksgiving I found out that I could apply for a full-time job that I am highly qualified and I love doing.  I heard that my home (school) district that I have been substitute teaching in is hiring classroom aides in the middle school; I put my official letter of interest and application in ASAP.  Monday before Thanksgiving I went into the middle school and had an interview and got offered the job on the spot within a few minutes of the interview. 

My first day working as a classroom aide was yesterday.  As I was arriving to the school for my first day and I said hello to the principal that hired me I got offered a different job than what I originally was going to be starting.  For now, I am working as a general classroom aide.  After the winter break in a few weeks I will be working as the classroom aide in the behavior support classroom; which is a job that I am extraordinarily excited to do.  Hopefully, things will go as planned and I will be switching over to working in the behavior support classroom; things tend to not always happen as planned in this district.

So for now, I am working in math, social studies, and science classes in fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, and eight grade.  It is challenging and a little overwhelming at certain times but I am learning a lot and am excited to be working in my home (school) district!

Happy Turkey Day!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This year my husband and I decided to take a trip to Gettysburg, PA for Thanksgiving weekend.  We used to always spend the day of Thanksgiving driving to multiple people’s houses starting the day (and spending the most time) with my mom.  My mom passed almost 2 years ago; a story for another day… Thanksgiving is just not the same without spending time with my mom so we decided to go away this Thanksgiving…

Last year for Thanksgiving we had just moved into our home so we decided to spend the day unpacking.  This year we had decided to go to Gettysburg, PA (a place we had meant to get to for a weekend getaway over the summer but did not make it over the summer). 

It was a very nice weekend away spending time as a family.  My son’s favorite part of the weekend was when we took him on a bus tour of Gettysburg battlefield.  Every time he sees a bus now he screams “BUS!!”

Say Cheese!

Today we actually (and finally) got our son’s school pictures back!  The pictures were taken about three or four weeks ago and we have been patiently waiting.  I love getting the pictures back after picture day (this is is second picture day at daycare)!  It’ll be fun having all of the pictures to look at each year to see how he grows and matures.

I do not like the basic head shot picture but I love the two different poses in the Fall themed background.  I would post the pictures to show you what I am talking about; however, I do not post my son’s name and pictures with his face on this blog to help keep his actual identity safe from crazy people on the internet. 


Just trust me, the pictures are adorable!

24 Hour Bug


My last post was the day I got the phone call from daycare saying my baby was sick.  Luckily, it was only a 24 hour bug and he is starting to feel SO much better. It was a rough couple of days because I had also caught the bug around the same time so I was recovering at the same time as he was recovering. 

We are now better and starting to eat real food and not just food related to the B(anana) R(ice) A(pplesauce) T(oast) diet.

Now, it is just all about getting him to get back to normal eating habits before Thanksgiving in a few days. 

Yucky Bug!


Today I got the dreaded phone call from daycare right before naptime… My baby is sick… I told the teacher that I would be there in 10 minutes so that he could nap in his crib comfortably and assess before it gets too late if a doctor appointment is needed or if a quick phone call would suffice.  Luckily, a phone call sufficed…

He has a tummy bug and he needs to cut out ALL dairy for a little bit and go on the B(read) R(ice) A(pplesauce) T(oast) diet until he is starting to feel better.

Hopefully this tummy bug does not last too long… I hate when my baby is sick. 

Shell and Tree

Recently our son has started labeling everyone by name… Mommy, Daddy, Mom (grandmom), Dad (granddad), Sarah (teacher at daycare), etc.  This morning he added two new names to the mix; Shell (Great Aunt Michelle) and Tree (Great Uncle Dimitri).  They came to visit this morning and he tried it out calling over to “Tree” when he wanted his attention and “Shell” when he wanted her attention.  He has to add a few syllables to each of their names but it was obvious that he was talking to them and asking for them after his nap this afternoon! 

I cannot wait to hear all the other names that he’s learning!